A brief presentation of some of the projects I have worked on professionally 

Cookie Legends Gaming
Logo and animation created for this gaming channel. - 2019
Chinese New year
Illustrations created for a client who wanted to represent imagery celebrating the Chinese new year.
30 Things
30 things we can all do to be kinder to the environment. This project called for illustrations that would showcase how lifestyle changes can help you be more eco-friendly.
Greek Gods
Part of a set -18 greek gods. To explore the different aspects of greek Mythology.
Word Tree
Graphic Illustration created for book "Optimal freedom" The design represented the connections in politics and life. Blending typography and design together.
Character Illustrations
Part of a set- with over 50 character Illustrations covering various themes. 2017
SaS Logo
Logo created for SaS Elite Driver training - 2017
Bike Tu Bus
Logo and marketing material created for this company exploring greener transport for all.
Hen House
An Animated Music Video for Hen House's Song "Five little monkeys" - 2016

Click on image for link to animation.
Book cover
Book cover Illustration - for a book that explores chakra - 2016
Norwich Airport Mural
A mural created for the airport - 2016
Coffee Mate
Animated GIF concept to promote Nestle's new brand of coffee mate flavours - 2016
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SaS Logo

Logo created for SaS Elite Driver training - 2017