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Katie is a professional artist currently residing In the Norfolk countryside in England.

In 2015 she graduated from the Norwich University of The Arts where she studied animation.


Her work focuses on designing worlds and characters with an ethereal and surreal twist. She is often inspired by nature and uses everyday objects and food items to help her create unique and adventurous work. 


She has worked on a variety of projects in Animation, Illustration, and Branding. Creating Music videos, designing various book covers and logos. 

She also works as the creative director for Bike Tu Bus. - A company driving for change to see public transport become more 

environmentally friendly.

You can frequently see her work with other artists from around the world in the 'Aurora' exhibitions. An online community who release special themed shows throughout the year, each one exploring a new color. 

In 2019 She was featured in Capsules books 3rd volume of 'Pictoria' A series showcasing the best talent within contemporary Illustration from around the world.


To learn more about her, read her interview with Niji magazine 





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